Chappaqua Station Hearing Remains Open; Budget Adopted

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From left: Town officials Jason Chapin, Elise Mottel, Susan Carpenter and Robin Stout decide to extend the Chappaqua Station public hearing once again, this time until Jan. 22. Photo Credit: Michael Nocella

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. – Conifer Realty was hoping the public hearing segment on its Chappaqua Station proposal would come to an end Tuesday night during the Town of New Castle’s Town Board meeting. But New Castle residents were not ready to take that step.

The hearing, which picked up from the previously adjourned meeting Sept. 20, continued to receive mostly negative opinions from residents, who expressed concerns about the size and location of the proposed five-story, 36-unit building at 54 Hunts Place.

“It simply is an inappropriate location for a residential site,” New Castle resident Bill Spade said. “It would not be comparable to other housing in the area, which would lead to the new residents being stigmatized.”

Multiple residents in attendance at New Castle Town Hall echoed Spade’s point of view, which suggested the proposed residential site would stick out to a fault.

“Conifer Realty is essentially proposing an elephant,” New Castle resident Will Wedge said.

But one resident offered a different perspective.

“I think it would be a great asset,” New Castle resident Nancy King said. “Instead of shooting it down, we should consider the benefits of bringing diversity into our community.”

Town officials decided both the town board and the public needed more information from Conifer Realty before closing the public hearing. The next hearing will take place Jan. 22.

“Hopefully we will have enough information from Conifer by then to make a decision,” Town Supervisor Susan Carpenter said.

After the Chappaqua Station hearing portion of the town board meeting, the board adopted the 2013 town budget. The previously proposed $35.9 million budget includes a tax levy increase of 2.13 percent, which just barely stays within the state-mandated 2 percent tax levy cap.

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