Police: Phone Scam Targets Seniors To Wire Money

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New Castle Police advise senior residents to be wary of a money transferring phone scam, especially during the holidays. Photo Credit: Provided

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. – New Castle Police say local senior citizens are being targeted by a telephone and email scam. Several New Castle seniors have reported being contacted by an individual posing as a grandchild who is in legal trouble in a foreign country, police said.

“It’s not a new scam,” said New Castle Lt. Daniel Cannon. “It’s something that goes on all year long, but now, with kids on break and more likely to actually be on vacation somewhere, the scam tends to happen more often.”

The scam works like this: The caller will trick a senior into divulging the name of a grandchild and the scammer then uses that name when calling back. Often the story is that the grandchild was involved in an accident in a foreign country and has been arrested. The caller then requests a sum of money to be wire transferred immediately to secure his or her release.

“The fact that the money needs to be wired is the red flag,” said Cannon. “Once you hear that, you must be extremely wary.”

New Castle Police suggest that senior citizens never wire money without first asking the help of a trusted relative, friend or neighbor. Anyone getting such a call should contact New Castle Police at 238-4422.

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