North Salem Family Remains Optimistic Missing Wallaby Will Be Found

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Indy, a wallaby in North Salem, has been missing for two weeks.
Indy, a wallaby in North Salem, has been missing for two weeks. Photo Credit: Sam Barron

NORTH SALEM, N.Y. -- The owners of a wallaby that went missing in North Salem are holding out hope he will be found.

Sightings of Indy have been reported throughout North Salem since he went missing more than two weeks ago. Indy was spotted near North Salem High School on Bloomer and June Road by a student on a school bus.

"I'm hoping I can get to him," Warren Saks, who cares for Indy, with his wife, Susan, said at Bloomer and June Road where he was hoping to spot Indy. "I'm hoping I can catch him. That will make me very happy."

Saks said he believes Indy is using his survival skills and eating flowers, grass and leaves. 

"There's still hope," Saks said. "Hopefully he'll stay in this area."

North Salem's large parcels has made finding Indy difficult, Saks said. He said he hopes if someone sees Indy they stay and watch him from a direction to see which direction he goes in. 

"I'm hoping I can see him and put him in his pouch or pick him up," Saks said. 

Susan Saks said Indy resembles a small deer and, in coloring only, a Chinese or Canadian goose.

"Please report sightings immediately," Susan Saks said. "Do not chase him as that might push him to go further away. He is certainly confused and in survival mode."

Aside from eating kangaroo dry food, Indy eats wheat thins, almonds, rice cakes, apples, lettuce, dry maple leaves and sweet potatoes. Wallabys generally live to 3 or 4 years old in the wild, due to predators. Indy is 6.

The Saks adopted Indy after their son rescued him from someone upstate who was bringing Indy around to schools.

"His sweetness is endearing," Saks said. "He likes to be petted and is affectionate. He's a very well fed and is a very happy animal."

Anyone who has spotted Indy should call the Saks' at 914-669-0006 or  646-628-6228.

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Indy might be enjoying his freedom, he's a wild animal and isn't supposed to be domesticated. Hate it when people confine wild animals and try to turn them into pets. Yes he isn't native to this country and I wonder where he came from in the first place, WHY the son so-called "rescued" him to begin with etc., where was he born, the wallabies he came from. Sad situation for this little guy. He should have been left in the wild with other wallabies wherever he came from in the first place! But since he took off yes the family is worried.