New Castle Street Getting 'No Outlet' Sign

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A "No Outlet" sign will be added in front of New Castle's Courtmel Road to signify that it cannot be used as a shortcut to Mount Kisco. Photo Credit: Flickr user Darksair
New Castle resident Eric Zaidins said drivers speed up and down the neighborhood looking for an exit into Mount Kisco. Photo Credit: Screenshot of Google Maps

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. – Courtmel Road provides no access or short-cut into Mount Kisco, which resident Eric Zaidins said is a fact many drivers are unaware of.

Zaidins said drivers on Route 133 often exit the road onto Courtmel and speed through the neighborhood to look for an outlet into Mount Kisco that does not exist.

“The neighbors thought it would be great if people could be notified that this wouldn’t provide a short-cut,” he said at Wednesday night's Town Board work session.

Zaidins believes when traffic backs up on Route 133 toward Millwood, drivers turn into the area looking for a short-cut. When drivers realize there is no outlet, Zaidins said they tend to quickly turn around and speed back to Route 133.

He said neighbors intensified their efforts to remediate the through-traffic following an accident on Aug. 17 when a neighborhood girl was struck by a car.

“My wife and I have been noticing, as have our neighbors, that this kind of thing occurs with regularity,” he said. “And unfortunately there are a lot of young kids that play in the street who walk all the time there.”

New Castle Police Lt. Dan Cannon spoke with Zaidins before Wednesday night’s work session and made a recommendation that a “No Outlet” sign be put in front of Courtmel.

“It at least informs people so that they can’t use that as a cut-off,” said Town Administrator Penny Paderewski.

Following Cannon’s recommendation, the sign will be placed on top of the Courtmel road sign so it can be clearly seen by Route 133 drivers in either direction.

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