New Castle To Have Lottery For 10 Electric Car Charging Spots

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Ten electric-vehicle charging stations will be installed at the Chappaqua train station.
Ten electric-vehicle charging stations will be installed at the Chappaqua train station. Photo Credit: Michael Nocella

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. – New Castle residents who drive electric vehicles take notice: 10 charging stations are coming your way. However, the town will first have a lottery to decide which 10 residents will get charging station keys, and thus, a spot.

“Many, many months ago, the town had been chosen to be a host site for electric-vehicle charging stations,” said New Castle Town Administrator Penny Paderewski. “Well, we finally heard that work on that project would begin shortly.”

Paderewski said the 10 charging stations would be located at the Chappaqua train station, next to the taxi shack. Attorneys from the New York Power Authority and the town are currently hammering out the details, after which Paderewski said the process to install the stations would take about a week.

“Once our attorneys sign off on everything, we will hold a lottery for residents to qualify for the 10 spots,” she said. “So an announcement on the lottery process will be released very soon.”

The Chappaqua charging stations will be another step in New York state’s mission to set up 325 electric-vehicle charging stations across the state. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the state’s decision to award $4.4 million to 10 companies and municipalities for the project in June 2012.

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Comments (5)

Always good and interesting posts so thanks for that. On this issue I would say I wholly support moving to electric cars, a world where we use nuclear and renewable energy rather than fossil fuels can only be a good thing. However this silent thing is a real problem, through it might be a small one. I don't drive myself. I walk around a lot, and to get to work I have to cross a car park every day. Ever since people have hybrid cars which are silent at low speeds.

Driving electric cars is really a good habit for the safety of our environment. It less expensive in terms of charging expenses as compare to fuel cars in terms of fuel expenses. For charging of electric vehicles charging stations are quite necessary for the electric vehicles.

didnt we already have charging stations several years ago? They were located claoset to the stairs leading up to the tracks. But they were dismantled and removed.

What a great opportunity for the leaders in Chappaqua to get a real understanding of how commuters use the station at New Castle, their parking times, and distances traveled. They could establish a methodology that could be followed by other North East mass transit parking facilities which would determine actual charging requirements. It is always a shame to see knee jerk level 2 charging stations being installed, with their much higher cost, where level 1 would suffice. Why install 10 level 2 charging stations that would remain idle after 4 hours of charging with a vehicle occupying the space. If the driving and charging habits indicate less station charging is required, perhaps installing a mix of fewer level 2 and twice as many level 1 outlets would make more sense. It would be nice to know that someone at least considered the situation before spending.