Marist College To Poll Chappaqua Residents On County Executive Race

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WESTCHESTER, N.Y. – For the first initiative of a new partnership between the Business Council of Westchester and the Marist Institute of Public Opinion, Marist Poll will conduct a survey next month of Westchester residents on key issues in the Westchester County Executive race.

The September poll results will be announced at the county executive debate, hosted by the Business Council Oct. 2 in White Plains. This will be the first debate between Republican incumbent County Executive Rob Astorino and Democratic challenger and current New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson.

The Business Council of Westchester recently announced its new partnership with the Marist Institute of Public Opinion to further strengthening its leadership role as Westchester’s premier business organization, the group said in a press release.

The Marist Institute of Public Opinion, based at Poughkeepsie’s Marist College, is home to the Marist Poll, which measures public opinion at the local, state and national level.

Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, will be the moderator of the October debate.

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Comments (9)

Bramson's done horrible damage to New Rochelle by doing nothing to expand its tax base, in fact New Rochelle's assessments are in a free-fall with no end in sight. How's that fair to anyone? And it fix the problem will cost millions to reassess everyone. I guess our assessor isn't worth much or doing his/her job correctly.

But the real heart of the matter is that Bramson's done nothing to control New Rochelle's out of control expenses, except if you count his annual beat-down of the fd but the money always gets restored so NO there's really been NO cuts.

Taxes are another story, Noam loves to create and increase them. Watch out Westchester, he's had to override the tax cap twice and the law's only been around for 2 years!

Marist College conducts polls independently all of the time. I find it very curious that it should "partner" with the Westchester Business Council to poll the WCE race, unless it has an ulterior agenda!

The business council is already in Noam's pocket they spoke out at recent public hearing in favor of the ECHO BAY PROJECT that will cost the taxpayers of NEW ROCHELLE millions of dollars and the developer pays for nothing.Taxpayers pay for city yard move estimates 25-30 million taxpayers have to pay for project that gets a 20 year tax exempt from the city and god knows what else BRAMSON sold them. I know one thing for sure BRAMSON is taking money from FOREST CITY to help his run for county exec.
DOES anyone remember RIDGE HILL this is the same company. God help us all if this guy wins your taxes will go up 109% in 4 years never mind in 10 like he did in NEW ROCHELLE.

What We the People can't afford is to provide any support to the Party of the 1%. We can not support a Party that attempts to vote down Obamacare 40 times. To hand out tax breaks to large corporations while cutting services to the poor while doing nothing about job growth. That produces extremists such as Paulin and Bachman. That sends people off to wars of no reason. That seeks to restrict women's rights while opposing common sense gun laws. That attempts to block voting to minorities.That is what we can't afford.

Yes, how will this survey be conducted?

A vote for Bramson is a vote for the Obama Regime agenda. It's a vote for Affordable Housing over the rights of the individual, property rights, and of "we the people". It's a vote for tyranny over liberty.

How will they poll us? Mail, email, ?????

How will Marist poll us? Mail, email, ?????

It won't poll us. it doesn't need to poll us. It will just make up whatever numbers it wants to publish. Remember, Noam and his cronies don't count heads!