Kerry Kennedy Trial To Begin In February In Westchester

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Kerry Kennedy (left) exits the courthouse in White Plains Thursday, where she is facing charges of driving under the influence of a sleeping pill.
Kerry Kennedy (left) exits the courthouse in White Plains Thursday, where she is facing charges of driving under the influence of a sleeping pill. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Bedford resident Kerry Kennedy's trial for driving under the influence will begin on Monday, Feb. 24 in White Plains.

Kennedy appeared in Westchester County Court on Thursday for a pretrial conference, where the court date was set by Judge Robert Neary.

The jury selection for the trail will take place Thursday, Feb. 20 and Friday, Feb. 21, though Kennedy will not be present for those days because she will be out of the country.

Kennedy is the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, niece of John F. Kennedy and ex-wife of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. She was arrested in July 2012 in Armonk after an accident in which her Lexus hit a tractor-trailer.

She was charged with driving under the influence of an unknown substance, a misdemeanor. She pleaded not guilty, saying that she did take some Ambien, but did so accidentally.

A motion to dismiss the case was denied in May. Kennedy's attorneys, Gerald Lefcourt and William Aronswald have filed another motion to dismiss the case, saying that the ingestion of the sleeping pill was accidental. They have also requested that the case be heard before a grand jury to determine whether Kennedy should be charged with the crime.

Lefcourt said Thursday that there was not sufficient evidence against Kennedy. He said she had accidentally taken the sleeping pill instead of thyroid medication before going to the gym.

"Nobody takes a sleeping pill to go to the gym, and that's not the kind of drug that anybody abuses. She had a valid prescription, and it's simply an accidental ingestion," Lefcourt said. "And since the people have no evidence that it was otherwise, other than an accident, we believe that the court should be considering dismissing this case.

"We think the people themselves should consider dismissing this case, because nobody can be guilty of a crime because of an accidental ingestion."

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Comments (8)

Isn't it common knowledge, Kennedys are never held responsible for the crimes they commit.

We are really in trouble but alas it has nothing to do with the Kennedys. Gotta love how meaningless, 5th rate, Kennedy offspring preoccupy and afford sheep a chance to rage. Want another sign we're in trouble? You're it. Focusing on some inheritor of the Kennedy name "getting away with it" (insert any Kennedy here and any offense, and it will serve as chum for the sheep) should be so far down the list of "who's getting away with it," that should be just ahead of my daughter "getting away" with stealing her sisters socks. The Kennedy's lol.

If an "average citizen" were charged with the same offense as Kennedy, that person would be convicted, heavily fined, and very probably serve some time in prison. Kennedys get away with everything, including murder.

She can almost get away with breaking the law as much as Paul Feiner. She's guilty but they have to play the game so they can buy off her not guilty verdict or guilty and community service verdict. Such a shame – only in NY!

She'll get away with it, as all Kennedys always do.

If this is America's family, we are really in trouble!

Isn't it great to have money to take a DUI all the way to the Supreme Court in White Plains. If she loses, she will appeal [the Appellate Division] and since she is a Kennedy [and former wife of Cuomo], she may be able to appeal to the Court of Appeals, the highest court in New York - wow, wish I had that kind of money - and if she loses Cuomo will probably pardon her anyway - another reason to get rid of this leftist, socialist, communist...