Fare Hikes Approved For Westchester's Metro-North Riders

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The increased fares will go into effect on March 1.
The increased fares will go into effect on March 1. Photo Credit: File Photo

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) approved fare hikes Wednesday that will include increases for Metro-North riders.

The system-wide move, which includes New York City buses and subways, was made in order to close a $450 million deficit. The increases go into effect on March 1, 2013.

MTA Chair and CEO Joseph Lhota said in October that the fare and toll increases were necessary due to  rising costs for “debt service, pensions, energy, paratransit and employee and retiree health care,” which the MTA does not control.

Most of the increases are between 8.19 percent and 9.13 percent, according to Metro-North.

For example, a one-way peak ticket from White Plains, Scarsdale, Hartsdale, Hastings, Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley and Irvington to Grand Central Station will go from $10.50 to $11.25, an increase of 7.14 percent. A one-way off-peak ticket will go from $7.75 to $8.50, an increase of 9.68 percent. A monthly ticket will increase 8.73 percent, from $229 to $249.

The increases will be even steeper for commuters from Mount Kisco, Bedford Hills, Katonah, Cortlandt, Goldens Bridge and Peekskill. A one-way peak ticket from those communities to Grand Central Station will cost $14.50, an 8.77 percent increase from the current $14.25. A one-way off peak ticket would cost $11.75, a 9.30 percent increase from the current $10.75. A monthly ticket would cost $343, an 8.89 percent increase from the current $315.

There were eight public hearings on the fare increases in November and December. Westchester County resident Barry Adler questioned the MTA board at a November meeting.

Adler asked at the meeting, "How do you justify that fare?"

He will now pay $11.25 for a one-way peak ticket from White Plains to Grand Central, up from $10.75.

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Comments (14)

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We've been raised about 30% over the past 5 years. Where is the typical commuter supposed to come up with that sort of money?

How about cutting the bloated MTA administrative budget? No one talks about excessive administrative salaries and staff. That's where the true savings are attainable, but if you're a MTA administrator, why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? Much easier to keep raising fares, and soak the riders for every last penny. And to deflect attention from their own astronomical salaries and benefits, Lhota and his cronies blame the workers, as if having a pension and a medical plan is asking too much..

There is no logical reason why a train conductor (or school teacher, for that matter) should receive a pension paid for by his fellow citizens and a baker or candlestick maker do not.

Disband public unions, pay the workers higher salaries, eliminate their taxpayer-sponsored pensions, and enter the 21st century.

The increase is SOLELY due to the continuing rise in employee pension and benefits for MTA employees. Period.

Parking garage by my office is $13 - it's becoming cheaper to drive than to take the train! Absolutely crazy.

somebodys got to pay for that new 3.1 B $$ bridge ! And it aint the Fed's.

and now the MTA head resigns to explore the possibility of running for NYC Mayor.....warning to my friends in NYC if he gets in stock up on vaseline

The fairs go up but what is the benefit to the riders? I understand costs going up but the normal working persons salary isn’t even keeping up with the cost of living. Do their employees pay into their health insurance like most of us do? Something also has to be done with the Hawthorne Station it is a toilet. At night there are kids on the station from the two institutions that should not be in our area.
They urinate in the elevators and have destroyed the glass in the waiting room on the station, not to mention all food wrappers and bottles thrown on the floor. Guess they were never learned to use a garbage can. One night around 9:00pm two of them were having sex in the elevator. Maybe some of the increase should go to renovating the station and having a Metro North cop patrol the station . It’s sad that the stations at 125th street or even Fordham Road in the Bronx puts ours to shame. So I guess we should be happy with the increases, and that it will now cost close to $5,000.00 a year to travel from Hawthorne to lower Manhattan( Metro North + Subway) Thank you so much MTA.

What about the Bee-line Bus? They don't mention it in the newspapers or the TV news programs. But the last time that the MTA voted a fare increase, the Westchester buses were also increased by the same amount. I'm assuming that this time the fare will increase for the buses too. Why should we have to pay more too if we're staying within Westchester County?

The stations on the Hudson line have been updated and compared to our Long Island RailRoad peers that's a lot. The peak trains need to have more cars so that riders can be more comfortable and not have to stand the whole way.

Is there no end to their appetite for your money ?

If this were a private enterprise the screams to high heaven from the Political Class would be unbounded. They would be calling for the firing of the leadership of the enterprise.

Alas this is a government affair run by friends, big donors and big time political support unions who need to be shielded.

Move along, nothing to see here, pay up.

You have it Right Will ! You need to fire the people in your state Government ,and keep voting in someone NEW ! and if they suck, FIRE THEM . You vote the SAME you get the SAME !