Adopt-A-Dog Provides Toys, Treats For A Canine Christmas

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Adopt-A-Dog is hosting one of its enrichment programs on Saturday where volunteers can make toys and treats for dogs spending Christmas at the shelter. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Adopt-A-Dog

ARMONK, N.Y. -- An Armonk pet sanctuary is showing dogs deserve Christmas presents too.

Adopt-A-Dog at 23 Cox Avenue in Armonk is hosting its Winter Enrichment Day on Saturday,  Dec. 21 in which people come and make treats and toys for dogs to open on Christmas.

Children of any age can make winter-themed cookies for dogs as well as treat toys that help keep the dogs entertained and occupied from 11 a.m. to noon.

From noon to 1:30 p.m., children of any age can make recycled toys that the pets will be opening on Christmas Day.

Courtney Farquhar of Adopt-A-Dog said events like open the door to people who might not be aware of Adopt-A-Dog and allow other people to help out.

"You have to be 13 to volunteer and interact with the dogs," Farquhar said. "But enrichment day was created so young kids can do a good thing and know they are giving animals a better quality of life."

At Adopt-A-Dog, which considers itself more of a sanctuary than a shelter, Farquhar said they want to give the dogs a homey feeling.

"These dogs aren't going to be sitting in front of a fireplace on the couch with their family," Farquhar said. "They get excited when they see the presents. They know someone out there loves them."

Farquhar said many people in Armonk and in surrounding municipalities don't know they exist and this helps them get the word out and find a family willing to adopt a dog.

"Someone might know a friend who would be perfect," Farquhar said. "They also learn about animal welfare and the humane way to treat animals."

Adopt-A-Dog, which was founded in Greenwich in 1981 and is based there, takes in animals that other shelters don't take and are often difficult to find homes for, including senior dogs and dogs with medical conditions.

"Our main goal is to find the animals a home," Farquhar said. "But while they are in our home, we give them an awesome quality of life."

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