POLL: Where is the Worst Pothole in New Castle?

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The entrance ramp for Saw Mill River Parkway North at Exit 32 out of Chappaqua is home to one of New Castle's worst potholes. Photo Credit: Michael Nocella

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. – As everyone probably has figured out first-hand by now, it is “pothole season.” If you haven’t noticed yet, consider yourself — and your car — lucky.


Where is the worst pothole in New Castle?

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Where is the worst pothole in New Castle?

  • Hardscrabble Road

  • Douglas Road

  • Kipp Street

  • Route 117

  • Route 120

  • Old Roaring Brook Road

  • King Street

  • Crow Hill Road

  • Exit 32 entrance to Saw Mill River Parkway North

  • I haven't noticed any potholes this year.

  • There' too many to choose from!

  • Other

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Since there’s only so much local highway departments can do to fill them all up, it’s probably a good idea to know where the worst ones are.

The verdict in New Castle? Pick your poison — or rather, pothole.

“Hardscrabble Road going toward Pleasantville and parts of Douglas Road, you have to watch out for deep potholes!” said Chappaqua resident Kathy Joesph on The Chappaqua Daily Voice Facebook page.

Other Facebook commenters pointed out spots such as Kipp Street, Crow Hill Road, and one many have become well-acquainted with when headed to the Saw Mill River Parkway out of Chappaqua.

“There’s a big one on the entrance ramp for Saw Mill North at Exit 32,” said New Castle resident Leah Alani.

However, any potholes found on the Saw Mill River Parkway or other pothole hot spots — such as Route 117 and Route 120 — fall under New York State responsibility, not the town’s.

“We only deal with town roads,” said New Castle Department of Public Works Commissioner Anthony Vaccaro, who added the town is currently using the “hot box” pothole repair method instead of “cold patching,” and has been extremely pleased with the results.

Though Vaccaro agreed it’s the time of year for potholes to occur, he said calls from New Castle residents this year has been relatively modest.

“There hasn’t been any unusual demand for potholes this year,” he said. “But this is definitely the time of year potholes happen, with the freeze-and-thaw cycle.”

Vaccaro noted that cycle goes all the way into March, and, sometimes, April. He said the public works department is ready to field as many calls and fill as many potholes as necessary.

“We’ll fill the holes as quickly as the calls come in,” he said.

The New Castle Department of Public Works can be reached at 914-238-3968.

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