New York Ranks High Among Best States For Road Trips

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WalletHub recently ranked New York as the seventh best state for a road trip.
WalletHub recently ranked New York as the seventh best state for a road trip. Photo Credit: Meredith Shamburger

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Social media network WalletHub has released a report that ranks New York as the seventh best state to pack up, get behind the wheel and hit the road. 

WalletHub compiled information in 21 different metrics that considered various conditions that can affect travelers on the road, including driving costs, lodging prices, traffic safety, weather and, of course, fun attractions for everyone.

New York was propelled near the top thanks to top five rankings in three categories including: number of attractions (first), vehicle miles traveled per capita (second) and car thefts per capita (fifth). 

The Empire State struggled in categories associated with cost, ranking 42nd in average gas prices and 45th in lowest price of a 3-star hotel. 

Neighboring states New Jersey and Connecticut struggled in the ranking, coming in 41st and 45th, respectively.

Oregon was rated as the best state in the union for a road trip while Missouri came in last. 

Click here to see the full report. 

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Comments (5)

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Pack up, get behind the wheel and hit the road and keep going. Don't look back. Join the millions that have done so and are living better lives. I know I am.

Don't forget to visit Tarrytown, NY ... ranked by Forbes as one of the Prettiest Towns in America.....

I agree with the article. NY has everything anyone could want with beaches, big cities, country, mountains, wine trails and wineries, cheese and dairy manufacturers, breweries, maple sugar festivals, fresh vegetables from local farms, Niagara Falls, caverns, Broadway shows, snowmobile trails, skiing, and many historic and educational museums such as the CNY Living History Center in Cortland, NY. All within a one day, very scenic, relaxing drive.

Who cares? Is this more PR for your boy, Cuomo? Meaningless when you have high taxes, poor state roads, etc. etc. and millions have already fled the state for a better life elsewhere. He's turned the Empire State into the Nanny State.