Poll: Do You Want A Grocery Store At Chappaqua Crossing?

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The proposed Chappaqua Crossing retail site, as viewed from the southeast. Photo Credit: Summit/Greenfield

YORKTOWN, N.Y. – A town-initiated proposed zoning change that would allow for up to 120,000 square feet of retail development at Chappaqua Crossing has received much opposition the last month, and we want to know where you stand.


Do You Want a Grocery Store/Retail Center at Chappaqua Crossing?

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Do You Want a Grocery Store/Retail Center at Chappaqua Crossing?

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The plan calls for 120,000 square feet of retail space, including a full-service grocery store between 36,000 and 66,000 square feet and smaller retail stores. The proposal specifically excludes “big box” stores and fast food restaurants.

Chappaqua Crossing owners Summit/Greenfield have said “pre-eminent grocery companies” already have expressed “strong interest” in coming to the site at the southern end of the property (read about the plan in its entirety here).

Residents and town officials alike have expressed concern the site would become a "strip mall," increase traffic to the area and create a third business hamlet within the town. Planning Board members also have questioned the need and desire for the center.

In a simple "yes" or "no" poll, tell us if you think New Castle officials should rezone the property to allow for the 120,000-square-foot retail center.

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Comments (4)

Check the Facts:

The high school needs to reconfigure its traffic pattern as it is. They need to have an entrance and an exit separate from each other. And why parents need to drive their kids when there is excellent bus service is beyond me.


Please people, every town needs a supermarket, it is supper annoying and a waste of time to drive far away to buy groceries. If you think this will increase the traffic well start getting use to it, this is life and if you don't think this will be fair for you, it is not fair for us either not to have a place to buy vital daily items to cook. Stop been selfish and think of what it's best for the town and not only for yourself.


A shopping/retail complex would only compound the already existing HGHS and AM parkway traffic.

More detailed information available on the Town of New Castle's website, or here:


Perhaps a "real" vote should be taken -- a special election on this issue. It is a big enough traffic/saftey/quality of life issue, People living on the other side of the Saw Mill are mistaken to think that traffic will be contained to 117. It will overflow onto Exit 33 and also be a problem for the HS.

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